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Big Reason Why Should Learn DESIGN (as a Developer)

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·Jun 20, 2022·

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Big Reason Why Should Learn DESIGN (as a Developer)
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“Design is everywhere. From the dress you’re wearing to the smartphone you’re holding, it’s design.” —Samadara Ginige

Agree with that.

Design is not limited to the digital world, instead everything we use in our daily life is designed for human ease.

The human-centered design allows designers/creators to make things easier for human use. -I mean that's absolutely the reason we build things, right? Make it valuable?!

Design in general is the key to a lock. A solution. Why do clothes look like that? Why is the door opened, there are goes in and out? why do traffic lights have only 3 colors? or whether it be a web page, mobile phone app, etc, information needs to be organized in an efficient, aesthetically pleasing way. If a design doesn't solve the problem, it means it's not effective. That is also the difference between a creation that is good or p**p.

Yeah, that's the target of this article -UI/UX

I used to believe that good design was something that looked “cool”. But design is more than simply looking interesting or cool. Design is communication. Just like a writer or a speaker chooses their words to communicate a message, good designers choose the right visual elements to also communicate a message, and why used there.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” —Steve Jobs

The design process that you use to build digital apps also works well for designing other objects. First, research to understand the requirements. After getting information, collect ideas of different wardrobes that are already on the market. Then, test it with an actual user before finalizing it.


"Design is to design a design to produce a design" —John Hesket

The first usage is as a noun, connoting the field of design as a whole in a very general manner, as in the phrase: “Design is important to national economic competitiveness.” The second usage is as a verb, meaning the action or thought involved in the act of designing. The third also is a noun; this time connoting a plan or intention. Finally, the fourth usage again is a noun, this time meaning the finished product. All the usages have very different meanings, yet even people professionally involved in design continually slip between them, seamlessly moving from one meaning to another without distinction

The significance of that statement changed my perspective as a developer on design.

This difference in perspective keeps developers from seeing the whole picture. They’re missing the most important part: The User.

Learning design makes it possible for you to assemble the entire system in your mind—from how the user interacts with your product, down to the last link where you store the information in your database.

Now, in the digital era. Many tools make it easier for us both in technical design, programming, marketing, and so on. Such as Figma, Canva, Framer, Wix, Open AI, Odoo, Zoho and many more builder out there allows to generate, automate things which in the future will definitely continue to innovate to make it more easier for us.

At the end, rather than the technical stuff, we will focus on the purpose we make something. Which creativity is the limit. Then, not the smartest person who will be rise on top but the who has the most impactful & valuable to the most people.


“ Design really is everywhere, so take inspiration from your surroundings.” — Emily Stevens

Essentially, technology especially in business is just a tool to develop things, but the understanding of users will always be the benchmark.

But for now, in line with the developer's goal, that's what makes it so expensive --problem-solving, seeing patterns and creating systems, creativity to gain lots of opportunities, visioner & realistic think long term.

If you have any critics & suggestions please comment below, or feel free to contact me here: Linkedin, Instagram

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